Stereotypes Are the Worst

By Alexa Perez

Hello, it’s your friend Alexa. I have something to ask you: do you know what stereotypes are?

Stereotypes are a belief or judgement that society imposes on us. For instance, one kind of stereotype is that girls’ favorite color is pink or that boys’ favorite color is blue. And then some stereotypes are unnoticeable like in “Disney Princess” movies.

One movie that I noticed has a bunch of stereotypes is the Disney movie Brave. In the movie Merida is a princess. Her mom wants her to be a perfect princess. But, when she tells her what a princess needs to do, she explains many stereotypes about what princesses (aka women) should and shouldn’t do.

Another stereotype is not in a Disney movie. It is in The Book of Life. In the movie Maria asks if women are only here to make men happy. Then the person who was asked said yes! Can you believe that? This is harmful because it makes at least me feel that women aren’t fully needed - but they are. So here we have another stereotype you probably didn’t notice.

Now, you know there aren’t only stereotypes about gender, right? Well, I know another very bad kind of stereotype - racial ones! For instance, …

Just because of of the color of one's skin people assume many wrong things. When people say things to people just because of their skin color it’s very sad and hurtful. People have many different personalities and you shouldn’t judge them on how they look.

There are so many different stereotypes in this world. Some are about sexuality, gender, race, LGBTQ, weight, and so many more. People don’t often notice when someone makes stereotypes or when they are being shown stereotypes. So, in the future look out because they could be anywhere. And remember, be nice!