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The Venezuela Crisis

By Starlyn Reyes

Hey, it’s me again. We have known for months that Venezuela is in a crisis of food, economy, society, health, education, electricity and government. Let’s see what’s going on.


When the old Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez died of cancer in 2013, the Vice President, Nicolas Maduro become president. In 2018, he won an election to become president but the people in Venezuela didn’t want him anymore because many feel Maduro is corrupted.

So, a congress meeting was held to decide if they should get rid of Maduro and the representives from different countries in the congress said yes - they wanted to replace Maduro with the Venezuelan politician, Juan Guido.

But Maduro didn't want to go. Also, he has the military backing him up, so it is tricky to take him out. Maduro even blocked the border of Colombia and Brazil so aid couldn’t enter the country. He says the people don't need the help but the people really do need it.

So, now there are basically two p…
By Lily Pichardo

It was a boring Saturday morning. Everybody in Cane was fast asleep. All except for one - Jason Noris Vesper. He was wide awake, staring at the blank ceiling above him, wondering. Jason was an interesting boy; he was filthy rich and cared for his appearance, yet had few friends. He wasn’t your stereotypical rich kid. He was quiet and kept to himself. He always had something to say, just never spoke it. Old habits he supposed. At this point, he was tired of thinking. He lazily slid out of his bed and slinked downstairs. He stopped for a second, taking in the darkness as he succumbed to it. He started towards the kitchen again, making sure his steps were quiet. Quickly and quietly he opened the first jar he saw and took a handful of what he presumed to be cookies. Quietly he slinked back upstairs, ate his cookies, and went to sleep.

“So strange,” his Parents thought. “Always so quiet,” his teachers said. “He’s incredibly intelligent,” said Iolite, one of his few friends…

All About The Sumatran Tiger

By Laura Ciuca  March 5, 2019

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The Sumatran tiger is an amazing animal and it deserves to live on.
The Sumatran tiger is critically endangered. There are only about four-hundred in the wild right now! This tiger is well known because of of their big black stripes on their orange fur. They are also the smallest tiger subspecies. This tiger subspecies is about 165-308 pounds (74.8427-139.706 kilograms). The Sumatran tiger lives in tropical broadleaf evergreen forests, freshwater swamp forests and and peat swamps. The Sumatran tiger lives on the island of Sumatra which is in Indonesia. 
The first reason why the Sumatran tiger is critically endangered is because of poaching. Because of all this poaching this amazing animal could go extinct, fifty a year. According to the New York Times, the Sumatran tiger is going extinct because of poaching. “Only about 500 to 600 Sumatran tigers still live in the wild, and poaching is reducing the number by 50 …

Video Games Are Cool!

By Edward Araujo

Mothers always say video games rot your brains, well at least mine does. So I am here to prove that is wrong and show that they help you.

Games provide a way for you to relax. If something is bothering you, games can help take your mind off of it. Games have a way of distracting people from what’s going on in their life and what is happening around them. People also find games relaxing because they are focused and determined to finish what they started.

Another way games help you is when you have a cooperative game with friends or other people online, it makes your stress levels go down according to Verywell. “When you play a cooperative game it lowers your stress levels since there is no negative effect when playing, when it starts to happen it affects your real life” and thats why mothers say it does.

Also, virtual reality can help you relax. Like its name say you are it is like you are in a completely different world. VR offers peaceful games and ones that can be ve…

Welcome to Hunters Point Community Middle School!

By Ima Valledor

Hi, I’m Ima and I’m a new student at Hunters Point Community Middle School as of February. It has been really hard transferring schools mid-year and leaving my old friends, but then I realized that I am entering a fun and welcoming community filled with new and kind peers. 
The first thing that you might be wondering about is how this school might be different from yours or any of your former schools. Well, one thing that was different to me was the fact that this is a public school, so this has been a very interesting experience, because my whole life I’ve been going to private schools.

Another thing that stood out was the no uniform policy. That to me is super awesome because it gives everybody a chance to express their feelings and show their own unique style. Something new at this school that I like is that if you’re about 25 minutes early, you can eat breakfast or hang out with your friends at the cafeteria before heading off to class. One of the major changes was…

The Cutest Puppies

By Kiara Gonzalez

“Aww” is what most people say when they see a cute and small puppy. Puppies are extremely adorable and it’s hard not to love them. If you are a puppy lover like me, then let’s take a look at some of the cutest puppies ever.

This puppy is a Jack Russell Terrier. They are very energetic with a compact, muscular body. This puppy comes in three different coat types: smooth, broken, and rough. Just know that all coats do shed.

This is a labrador retriever. You might not know this but they have worked their way up to be one of America’s favorite breeds. They have up to 23 different color combinations. They can change fur color as they age.

This puppy is a pomeranian. Pomeranians usually live around 12-16 years. The name of their breed comes from Pomerania, the region of North Europe, which is in fact where these dogs originated. Despite their big fuzzy coat, they don’t require much grooming, other than regular brushing, which can reduce shedding.

This is an australian sh…

The Untold Life of a Minimalist

By Susana Hernandez

What is Minimalism?A minimalist is a person who doesn’t have a lot of stuff in their life. Minimalists only have the things they need in their life and they either have one of it or they are they are the type that works really hard to accomplish something and they only keep the things that will help the accomplish that goal.

How Can Being a Minimalist Impact You?Being a minimalist can come in handy when you are a child. According to Allie minimalism can help children with a variety of different things such as:

Social skills
Stronger relationships with other people
More happiness
More kind to the community
Getting out more and being more social
Being calm

These are some examples of what minimalism helps children with, but there are many more!

So How Do You Become A Minimalist?Many of you might be thinking if you want to become or try out the lifestyle of a minimalist,then “How can I start to be a minimalist ? Well, here are a few steps and tips from Th…