Spotlight Article!

Community Spotlight: Creative Music Making

By Malcolm Mungo

With all NYC public schools closed, students are doing school from home. But how do they practice music at home without instruments?

Well, all students in music will be able to write and compose their own songs on a platform called Music First. This platform allows students to work with their peers to create cool songs. It also has many music exercises that can help students identify notes better and sight read music.

So far, we have been tasked with creating a song on Soundation, one of the many apps on the Music First website. Plenty of 6th, 7th and 8th graders have made amazing pieces of music in the app, and we are getting more and more used to it.

Our goal is to be composing full-fledged songs and posting them on Soundcloud for people to purchase. This opportunity may help many students to discover how fun it is to compose music and eventually become a popular artist. Jouseph Tenecla from class 603 is one such student. Check out his Covid-19 song here.

Our mu…

Fun Books to Read During Quarantine

By Arthur Troy and Farhan Ahmed

Here is a list of interesting books that you can read over quarantine. While you may not be able to go to the library or bookstore and get something there, you can still get audiobooks, e-books, PDFs, and in some cases order new books online. We will organize these books by genre and reading level in order for you to find the right book for you.

Reading Level Guide: -5 = Below 5th Grade. 5 = fifth grade. 6 = sixth grade. 7 = seventh grade. 8+ = eighth grade and above. T = traumatic scenes. Do not read this book if you are fainthearted!

Books Below 5th Grade
The Magic Tree House Series - Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Tree House is a series by Mary Pope Osborne that hit the bookshelves in the 1990s. Almost 30 years later, it is among the most popular children's chapter books today.

The series is about two siblings, Jack and Annie, who found a treehouse that actually sends them to specific places in history, even in times before humans ever existed!


Community Spotlight: 7th Grade Math Projects

By Susana Hernandez
Last week in the 7th grade we worked on our math projects for SLC’s.The project consisted of us drawing or creating a piece of art like a “subway tile” which can be seen on the walls on some of the train stations. But that’s not all, in our drawing we also had to include three of the four dilation, translation, reflection, and rotation which are all transformations used in geometry. 
Once we had finished that we were able to answer two questions asking which transformations we used and why we chose to draw that certain image or how it interprets how we are feeling during these uncertain times.This was such a great project and I myself also enjoyed it, it was wonderful to be able to mix two different things and make them into one. I loved the idea of it being so free and creative like all the other things we are lucky enough to do in school and how we can connect it to such a hard time in history. But I wasn’t the only one to think the same thing here are a few quotes…

The Life of Mr. Rockninschninckle: A Short Story by Ilya Kreider

By Ilya Kreider

It was a clear spring day on top of Mt. Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, the fiery volcano named for the Hawaiian fish. With the volcano’s seasonal eruptions, the life of Mr. Rockninschninckle is always changing. Mr Rockninschninckle is an igneous rock living inside the volcano. He never really has experienced the biggest elements of life until now. With the big explosion of the volcano, Rocky gets to experience the point of view from every type of rock across all of the cities.

. . .

“How’s a going Rocky?”

Now I know what you're thinking, I have a crazy weird name. Rockinson Rockninschninckle. My friends call me Rocky for short. This is my best friend Gemma and she lives a few lava pools away from me. We’ve been friends ever since we were born.

“Hi Gemma, whatcha’ doin today?”

“Not much, I heard some dude on the street spreading rumors about the city blowing up again. I honestly wouldn't care if it blew up again, last year we were all around the human news for o…

The Duel of Disease: A Short Story by Theerada Kaewubon

The Duel of Disease“Don’t worry, son. I wouldn’t enroll you if this school was bad. You’ll do great.” Roman’s dad said proudly. Roman was enrolled at Hunter’s Point Community Academy, one of the greatest dueling academies in Yorkian. His father had gone to a different school but had a friend who went there and became a mentor.

“Don’t worry, Roman. I had a hard time but managed to get through it.” His mom smiled as she held his shoulder, “Now go! Or you’ll be late.” Roman quickly nodded and ran with his adventurer’s bag to get to the magibus. He saw his friend and healing mage squad member Aririe wearing the standard healing kit shrunk into a charm(and some improvements to the healing unit created by themselves) and her weapons held by the healers' uniform pockets.

“Oh hey, Roman! Today's midterm exams. You wonder what we’re facing?” Aririe asked.

“I don’t know. I’m pretty nervous considering this shows us how we might react in the finals.” he shivered a little bit but it didn’t…

Ten things to do when you’re in quarantine

By Karen Perez

Imagine a goat riding another goat. Pretty wild, right? Well imagine that but with pink bows and glitter all around! Did you still have that image in mind? Well keep that image! During this worldwide epidemic, you need to think of positive thoughts and try to keep a positive figure for those around you, especially if you have a younger sibling since they have no idea what’s going on. Not only that but while you’re in quarantine, you have to keep yourself entertained, right? Well no biggie! That’s what I’m here to do, give you ideas of what to do during quarantine!

The first thing you can do in quarantine is something that you’ve been trying to do in the last couple of weeks or months. Maybe you’ve been thinking of cleaning your room, but since you never had time, now you have plenty of time. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of reading a book, but been too busy with school work or been doing something much more important. Which just so happened to bring us to the second thing…

How to Avoid the Coronavirus

By Matthew Sebastian

The Coronavirus is spreading more and more every day. It is important to prevent the spread of it. As of April 17 there are over 2 million confirmed cases of it. Also there are over 150,000 deaths. Those numbers are increasing every day.

It is important to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The World Health Organization has 5 helpful ways to prevent this. The first one is stay home as much as you can. It is important to stay home if you are sick and even if you are not. One reason is according to the American Hospital Association “The AMA, American Hospital Association (AHA) and American Nurses Association (ANA) are calling on people to stay at home to help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus and limit its long-term health effect on the country.”

The second way to avoid coronavirus is to keep a safe distance. We need to keep 6 feet apart from other people. It is important to maintain a safe distance from people who are sneezing or coughing. says “No…

How is Quarantine Affecting our 6th graders

By Aleia Fernandez and Ella Zak

As you may have noticed, we are stuck in a quarantine, stuck in the same house, in the same neighborhood, and worst of all, stuck with the same people. (Terrible! We feel you!)

We’ve all had at least one day when we didn’t want to go to school or didn’t want to go see someone, but now that we’re restricted, suddenly, the need is so strong. When in a crazy time like this, sometimes it helps to know how other people are dealing with it. So that’s why we gathered some information on how our 6th graders are handling this quarantine.

We were able to collect information using a google survey sent out to the whole 6th grade, and got about 30 responses. When comparing all of the reponses, we noticed that the most common answer to the question, what is your least favorite thing about being in quarantine, was having to stay inside. “Not being able to have freedom to go outside,” wrote Jack Flanigan from 601. It turned out that Millie Siller and Jack had the sam…