PS4 v. Xbox

By Vanessa Ramos and Stacey Chavez

Hello our names are Vanessa Ramos Stacey Chavez and we are in the 6th grade and we are here to write about a comparison of the famous Xbox and PS4 (playstation 4).

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To be honest we think that the PS4 is the best because of what you can do on the console. Other people might disagree. A lot of people find the games to be addicting (like us). One of the PS4 games people love playing is for example one of my favorite games, Call of Duty. Then you have Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite and more.

Besides the PS4, let's talk about the Xbox. In my opinion, we think that the Xbox is just a copy version of the PS4, otherwise known as as the Playstation 4. The Xbox has similar games. But we think that the Xbox is just a ripoff of the PS4.

Now let's hear from the students of HPCMS and see what they voted for. And let’s see who wins. 


Now this shows how of course the PS4 won. Some people chose PS4 while others chose Xbox. The rest didn’t know which one to pick because they probably haven’t used any of them or they just really don’t know. Even though we may not agree with some people we have to respect their opinion.

And that was our article about Playstation vs Xbox. Goodbye!