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Food Glorious Food!

By Anita Andrade

Food is something that we eat everyday to sustain our bodies that lets us be healthy. There are many types of food which is very interesting because everyone always has one type of favorite foo

A few days ago, I conducted a few interviews with some students here at HPCMS to find out their favorite foods. Even though students like different foods, they have one thing in common - mostly everybody loves fast food, and only a few like healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. One thing that everyone is pizza because you take a bite then feel that cheesy hot layer on the pizza that makes it delicious. After all we are New Yorkers.


Healthy food, such as apples, kiwi, watermelon, and orange are fruits that can also be organic. Organic food is made in many ways that consist of organic farming. This is very important for a food because many organic foods don’t have gmo’s in them and that is what helps our bodies be healthier. GMO’s are basically genetic modified organisms that has been altered into genetic engineering techniques which then we are able to eat the food.

Fast food though is a totally different thing. Many students in 704 told me that their favorite food is pizza or chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers. These foods are very delicious and tasty but they are very different from organic food because first of all they often do not consist of fruits or vegetables but just a bunch of things together that taste amazing to the eye and our buddy number two:he stomach.

Also, there are other foods like foreign fruits such as Durian, Jackfruit, Dragon Fruit (White Pitaya), Cherimoya, Kiwano (Horned Melon), Korean Melon, Passion Fruit, 8. Feijoa (Pineapple Guava), Tamarillo (Tree Tomato), Loquat, Sour Plum, Longan, Physalis (Golden Berries), Mulberries, and Jujube. Mainly most of these fruits are from Asia and imported from other places but they are very tasty and healthy as well.

Many fast foods such as Supermacs, came from Ireland, which contain calories around 235 are delicious and tasty. Toast-box, came usually from Singapore that contains around 180 calories in each serving for one person, which is a piece of bread with peanut butter on top and on this case it is a must-try. Hesburger, that came from Finland to America. Pizza la, which was made in Japan and is also coming to America is a snip of a finger. And also the delicious Nando’s that is a restaurant food chain in South Africa that have all sorts of food that may be made with meat and plantains on the side with a beautiful golden crust that makes your mouth water. These are the foreign places that have made success.

Though fast foods were made in foreign countries America has the best fast food in the world because of its fame and popularity. For example, Mcdonalds founded in 1940 is the largest restaurant chain with 69 million customers in over 100 countries. Ithas amazing fast foods that everybody loves not just in New York but in the world.

There are many ways that fast food can be healthier for you by knowing the type of ingredients the place or restaurant is using. In fact, federal laws require restaurant chains to list the amount of calories each item or food has, like you see in Chipotle. That way you, the customer buying the food, can know how healthy or unhealthy what you are eating is.

Mainly if you ask other people “which food do you think is better, healthy food or fast food?” they would say healthy food, but don’t worry healthy foods also have their bad side to it as well. I understand that healthy food are great things, but at Whole Grains Council it explains that bread can be a food that you have to avoid because it may have refined flour. Even if you eat whole grain or whole wheat bread, it might have around 50% refined flour. When refined flour goes into your body it digests it very fast then your body starts having this type of sugar rush where you can even crash which is very bad if you are on a diet and hoping to lose weight.

You would like it may be good in one side but in the other it may a few things that aren’t very good for your body. In this world we are trying to find many solutions to being healthy but really you just need to be vigilant and be careful what you eat because everybody deserves to be healthy and eat well.


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