Come See Peter Pan

Long Island City - The Theatre Club is doing a play, Peter Pan! The club is run by the 8th grade Social Studies teacher Mr. Quaintance. The choreography is run by Mr.Ross. The music director is Ms. Kimble. We have all of our wonderful actors and actresses played by students. We also have the very helpful crew of students that helps the director with the audio, the set and many other things.
We have interviewed some students from Peter Pan Jr about their experiences. Cassius Quinn Candall who plays Michael in the play said: “Getting to work with everyone is fun because its funny to see people in their character in the middle of scenes because it feels like you are in a different world. Peter is the funniest character to watch because he is kind of ignorant and childish, because Peter is always full of himself and all the characters are acting grown up, even though they are kids.” So Cassius is very excited to contribute to this amazing play.

Then Dashiell Fisher who plays Tootles in the play said: What’s fun about the play is that I’m with my friends and I can interact with them more and I’m in a play. The funniest character to me would be Smee because he is kind of the childish character and that makes him funny.” Therefore, you can see that this play can be really fun and creative.

So, there you go! Come see the show for yourselves! We’d love to see your happy faces in our auditorium. It’s a great show and you’ll love it. With lovely songs and awesome characters, this show will be an amazing one. You can reserve your tickets here. . Hope to see you there! 

By: Alexa perez, Nick Lentini