2018 NHL Playoffs

By JJ Lin and Jordan Robinson

(Above) Jonathan Toews celebrating his victory in 2015

Every hockey player and fan has a dream of lifting the Stanley cup and another chance has arrived for another team to achieve one.

The Vegas Golden Knights, the newest team added to the National Hockey League, is blowing through the playoffs, as they destroy the Los Angeles Kings as well as the San Jose Sharks. The LA Kings and the San Jose Sharks are now eliminated from the playoffs.

As for the other teams that didn’t make the playoffs, such as the New York Rangers, they are devastated. The New York Rangers haven’t missed the playoffs since 2010, until now.
The much hated Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup two years in a row. (2016 and 2017) With the New York Rangers and the Chicago Blackhawks out of the way, they could win their third consecutive Stanley Cup if they manage to defeat the Knights.

There also some unexpected teams that made the playoffs, such as the Winnipeg Jets, Minnesota Wild, and Anaheim Ducks. Unfortunately, the Ducks were eliminated from the playoffs by the San Jose Sharks.

The Washington Capitals is another team that has some hope in the playoffs. They have recently defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins and are on to the Semi-finals. This is the first time the Caps have made it to the Semi-finals in 20 years! As for the Penguins, they can have a break from the Stanley Cup…Capital fans’ hopes are high for this year!

The Golden Knights and the Tampa Bay Lightning are also in the Semi’s and we’ll have to wait ‘till the Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets finish their rounds to see the remaining teams.

History of the Stanley Cup
You may be wondering where this tradition all started. The Stanley Cup is named after Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord of Preston and Canada’s Governor General. The tradition started in 1892, when there were only about 10 teams. Whenever a team wins a Stanley Cup, the team’s name is engraved into the cup. Over 2,000 team names in total are engraved on the Stanley Cup, whether they were already there or not. The cup is the oldest trophy awarded by a professional sport league. As of 2018, the cup is 125 years old. Other professional sport franchises weren’t even founded yet, like the NFL (founded 1920), the NBA (founded 1946), and MLS (founded 1993). In fact, the Stanley Cup is older than it’s own franchise where it is awarded, the NHL (founded 1917).