82nd Street After-School

By Alexa Perez

Long Island City, HPCMS - Hello, it’s Alexa. I wanted to talk to you about the after-school program I go to. It’s called “82nd Street Academics.” It’s a fun and educational after-school program at Hunters Point Community Middle School. There are many fun things to do there and it’s educational for the students as well. It is runned by Ms. Andrea. She is a wonderful person and is so responsible and great at running the program.

In the program, we have many activities to do. For instance, we have leaderships. There are many types of leaderships. There is Current Events, Women’s Empowerment, Career Exploration, Empowerment, and Speech Etiquette. It is very educational for the students and teaches them many things that happen in the world.

Another thing we have here is Choice. In choice it’s a choice from the students to go to another place so we can do what we feel is good. I’m in Music. It’s very fun in every choice. Some of them are Music, Dance, Art, Film, and Chess. The students choose where they want to go to and we do what we love.

Then there is Homework. We have the counselors help us with homework if we need it and it’s very good that they help because some kids can struggle with homework. When we finish our homework we have literacy time. We read books for the rest of the time and that’s how we end after-school

We also have this thing called a punch card. If you individually get all your cards punched then you get a prize. But, if your whole class get their cards punched you get a field trip for your class only. After-school us very fun and educational and if people want they can join.


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