Winter Festivities

By Alexa Perez, Tsheyang Lhamo, Nicholas Lentini, Nairi Nakhapetian

Long Island City, New York- We had a winter dance the twentieth of December. There was food, music, drinks, and a whole bunch of fun. Everyone had a great time. At one point we all danced and it was so much fun to see so much joy on everyone’s faces. It was a memorable night that no one will forget.

Natalia Taylor from 601 said, “I think that the dance was a great night to catch up with friends and dance the night away with so much joy on others’ faces.” By this single sentence I can tell that Natalia had lots of fun at the Winter Dance, and I think almost everyone could agree with her.

Kylie Williams from 603 said, “The dance was very fun and I got to know other people better because during that time we only had three months of school, I knew everyone in my grade but in the dance there were also seventh and eighth graders. I also got to know what song everybody likes and got to know more about people. I danced, my friends danced, we got to hang out outside. It wasn't really like education in school, it was more fun.” So Kylie clearly agrees with Natalia as well.

Nicholas Lentini , executive editor of HPCMS Student News, said, “The winter festival was fun too. I really liked D.J. Dige and Can’t Stapp the music because they made it very interactive and made it fun for students.The food was amazing as well.” It’s true! The dance room was really fun thanks to these two wonderful teachers. Shout-out to D.J. Dige and Can’t Stapp The Music”-

Well, for those of you who were unfortunately weren't at the parties, now you know how fun they were because of these student’s opinions of these two parties. Hopefully for the future parties we can have everyone there!