Too Much City Not Enough Green

By Alexa Perez and Nairi Nakhapetian

Long Island City, HPCMS - For a traveler’s eyes, the Manhattan skyline is a wondrous sight, but some New Yorkers know the truth; sometimes it can be quite depressing. Think about why we like nature, why we retreat to it when money and time cooperates, and face the truth: All these buildings, with thousands of people working, can be very stressful, and nature helps with that stress.

We all know that stress can be a rather common but dangerous feeling, and almost every single person in the whole world has a double dose of it. Only people at the very top of the economical pyramid who own whole companies worth billions of dollars have it easy on their lives and their kin.

People like us believe that we have too much city which causes pollution. There is less greenery than there is city and development. Think about it: wherever you go in New York there are buildings. You barely see any green parks or a field with plants and trees or any of that kind of nature.

Dashiell Fisher from 602 feels”maybe there are certain ways where we can improve on it by making different gardens or something like that but I do agree that there should be more greenery in the city.”

Jniyah from 70_ said, “Yes, because every time you turn somewhere, you just see buildings or buildings in process.” And that can sometimes be a very dull sight, if you know what I mean.

So let’s look at the numbers. There is only 19.7% of greenery in all of New York City. Without parks it’s only 14%. It’s not even 1/5 of the city! This is not good for the city or for ourselves. For example, the trees help us breathe and flowers help the pollinating insects give us our food. So, greenery is more important than you might think.

So, think to yourself: What’s more important, the city or the green? You can make a change. Help the greenery and save it from harm. NATURE DEPENDS ON YOU!