School Trips Matter

By Nicholas Lentini and Tsheyang Lhamo

8th Graders in Times Square on their way to go bowling. Credit Mr. Brezina

Long Island City - Hunters Point Community Middle School has been on a diverse amount of trips this year which include the 7th grade overnight Ramapo trip, the 6th and 7th grade American Museum of Natural History visit, The Met, the trip to see the movie Wonder, and last but not least the Quartz (news blog) trip our school blog went to. Hopefully, there are more trips to come throughout the year!

The purpose of these excursions are usually for observation, non-experimental research, educational purposes, or to provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities, such as going camping with teachers and their classmates.

Also, the NEA (National Education Association) surveyed 400 adults and 89% of them said that “educational trips had a positive impact on their education and career because the trips made them more engaged, intellectually curious and interested in and out of school.” 

6th Graders at the Museum of Natural History in October. Credit: Ms. Aldige

Field trips give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment. Popular field trip sites include zoos, nature centers, community agencies (such as fire stations and hospitals), government agencies, local businesses, and science museums. Not only do field trips provide alternative educational opportunities for children, they can also benefit the community if they include some type of community service.” This shows that trips are beneficial because they change student’s perspectives on how they look at things for the rest of their lives.

With help from Anais Fernandez we received many interviews from students on this topic. For example, Myka Aquino in class 801 said, “Some trips can be educational and some can be fun - a break from stressful things.” And Camillo Cretara from class 802 shared, “The trips can help the students because it gives them a better understanding of the outside world. Depending what the trip is about, it can give them a better understanding of that subject. For example, a coal mine can help you understanding the chemical reactions of poison gas and stuff.” Lastly, Giancarlo Zaguirre from class 803 stated “They have a positive impact. They help influence learning in the schools like a painting can help students make connections between art and something that they are learning in class.”

6th Graders at The Met. Credit: Ms. Aldige

6th grade science teacher, Mr. Debois, stated “Yes, I enjoy trips with students. Yes, we should have more trips because it is more engaging, which is sometimes easier than in the classroom. Also, because it gets kids out of the classroom and the brain likes to experience new places and learn new things. In New York the trips are making you more mature because you are interacting with other people that are not from school.”

This shows that class trips are very beneficial to students because they are educational and they help you explore the world outside of the classroom. So, where to next?!