Golden Globes

By Cara Giardina

Long Island City - Later in the evening, Natalie Portman had an amazing burn pointing out that the “Best Director Award” nominees were all male. Natalie is an oscar winning actress who has been in several movies such as Jackie, V for Vendetta, Thor, Black Swan, Thor: The Dark World, Jane got a Gun, Goya’s Ghosts, New York I Love You, and several others

This year’s Golden Globe awards were unique and amazing. Oprah Winfrey was the first black woman to win the Cecil B. deMille Award and she gave a speech that truly touched us all (NBC). Oprah starred in The Color Purple as Sofia, Before Women Had Wings as Zora Williams, and most recently, Mrs. Which in the upcoming film A Wrinkle in Time.She is most famous for hosting, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah talked about the “#metoo” and “Times Up” movements. Her speech was really powerful because she talked about sexual misconduct and said that women who have gone through this should stand up and say something. And if they couldn’t say anything, we could say it for them.

She said that as the first black woman to ever receive the Cecil B. deMille award, she understood that it was a big moment for a lot of people, mainly young girls and people of color. She talked about Recy Taylor, and about her sad story of sexual assault and our government failure to stand up for and respect women, mainly women of color. Oprah said that a lot of women have been disrespected in the workplace, and that they have had to tolerate it for a long time because they could potentially get fired if they stood up for themselves. She said that a lot of women fight every day, and some “pretty phenomenal men” Click on the link to NBC above to watch Oprah’s speech.

People were shocked when Natalie made this statement because she was only supposed to introduce the best director awards. She did, but she elaborated on it in a way that pointed out that women need to be better respected in Hollywood.

What is the #metoo movement? In 2009, activist Tarana Burke came up with the #MeToo Movement, a feminist empowerment movement that pushed women to show solidarity to each other, especially involving cases of sexual harassment.

This movement, along with the hashtag, went viral in 2017 when actress Alyssa Milano used it in support of fellow actress Rose McGowan’s allegations against renowned Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein for sexual misconduct.

Suddenly, there were multiple allegations and accusers of sexual harassment from women against men. Victims who were empowered enough to speak out inspired other victims to as well in what is now well known as the #metoo movement.

More women are coming forward to tell their stories, creating a major tide of power in a women’s movement that has been around for a long time.

Women have always had a voice, but everyone has always turned away from what they say, teaching them to be silent. Now, not only are women finally speaking again, but more people are finally listening.