Disney Channel Character from “Andi Mack” comes out as gay, and other LGBT characters.

By Dash Fisher

Hunters Point Community Middle School - It’s your neighbourly and friendly friend here, Dash! In the show Andi Mack, a character comes out as gay to his friend. Here are my thoughts and feelings about it.

Andi Mack is a Disney Channel show about tweens going through middle school. Starring Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack, Andi Mack is turning 13 when her older sister Bex returns home. Andi goes through her teenage life, with the help of her family and her friends Cyrus and Buffy, on top of coping with the discovery that Bex is actually her mother and that her mother Celia “Cece” is actually her grandmother, and managing her crush on classmate Jonah Beck. While another one of Andi’s friends, Cyrus, also has a crush on Jonah.

So, in the show Cyrus comes out as gay. Gay is the G in LGBTQ+. LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and the plus stands for other sexualities/genders including but not limited to Pensexual, Asexual, and Intersex.

Finally! Disney is finally putting another non-straight character in one of their shows!

Who Wants Pizza? aired on October 27, 2017. The episode starred Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi), Joshua Rush (Cyrus), Sofia Wylie (Buffy), Lilan Bowden (Bex), Emily Skinner (Amber), and Asher Angel (Jonah).

The Episode Who Wants Pizza? From Andi Mack.

According to Vailskibum94, the Disney XD show, Gravity Falls, had a storyboard where the Love God told a girl that her true love is another girl. This storyboard was not accepted and it was never shown to the public until the creator of the show, Alex Hirsch, revealed it to fans. However, this is the first only known time Disney has rejected a non hetrosexual couple. Good thing it’s not more times.

According to Channel24, similarly, in the show The Legend of Korra, one of the creators confirmed two characters were in a gay relationship. But this episode was banned in Kenya. Speaking of banning, Kenya also banned Andi Mack. But why? As you can tell, I’m not a fan of Kenya’s Film Classification Board.

This might be the first time you’re hearing of LGBTQ+ representation in a Disney film/show. However, Who Wants Pizza? didn’t pioneer the more diverse Disney we see today, because in the Disney XD Show Star vs. The Forces of Evil included LGBTQ+ background characters and According to NY Daily News, in Good Luck Charlie, Susan and Cheryl are two lesbian moms with their daughter Taylor. Also, Bucky and Pronk (the two loud neighbors in Zootopia) are just one of the few LGBTQ+ characters in a Pixar Movie. Another may be being King Candy (or Turbo) from Wreck-it-Ralph. The movie suggests this because he lives in a pink- sorry, salmon-colored castle and Ralph called him a Nellie Wafer. This is a slur for gay men.

All in all, Disney has more LGBTQ+ characters than you might have known. What is your favorite Disney LGBTQ+ character? Do you think they should add more? Are there enough? Do you even care? This is Dash from the HPCMS Chronicle, signing off.

The rejected storyboard from Gravity Falls’ episode The Love God.


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