Calling All Illustrators!

We are conducting our first graphic design contest! Below is a list of topics our staff will be covering in the next issue of our school blog - Th HPCMS Chronicle. Choose one and create an illustration. 

There are no guidelines for how creative you can be, so long as your work has something to do with the topic. 

Please submit your work to Vanessa Ramos @ or drop it off in Ms. Aldige's mailbox no later than Wednesday, January 24th. Make sure to include your name and topic on the back of your illustration. 

Here are the topics:

  • Bullying
  • Net neutrality
  • Climate change 
  • Logan Paul Scandal
  • Golden Globe Awards
  • Tax Reform Bill
  • Disney "Andi Mack" character comes out as gay on show 
  • Too much city, not enough green
  • School trips
  • DACA