New Year, New Expectations


Mark Lazar, “School Monster”

HPCMS, Stacey Chavez, 6th grade, 11 years old - When I first stepped into this school I remember being nervous but excited at the same time. It was kind of nerve wracking because I didn’t know anybody here. I might have a few old friends, I thought, but they probably weren’t in the same class as me.

When we first got in the school they told us to go to the cafeteria. I saw most of my friends and learned that we were going to be in the same class so I felt better than I did before.

When we got out of the cafeteria there were 7th and 8th graders all around us! It was also pretty confusing because we all forgot where our homeroom was.

When we got to our homeroom I didn’t feel as bad because we had already met our homeroom teachers two days before school started. But when we got to our next classes I got even more nervous because I didn’t know these teachers. They had only introduced our homeroom teachers!

After a couple of weeks I got used to the school. I have already met new people and know what the teachers are like. I finally feel comfortable with the people around me.

HPCMS, Nadia Hidalgo, 6th grade, 10 years old - I remember when I took my first step into this school. I did not wanted to wake up that morning. Once I got to the building, some 7th and 8th graders were welcoming us to their school...our new school! It made me feel strong and brave and that I could totally face this school. I went to my homeroom and I knew all my classmates because there was an open house and the staff took us to our homeroom but they didn’t introduce all of the other teachers so I was more nervous when I met all of the other teachers. Then I started my first day of school.Waking from class to class was fun, to me it felt like being a 10 year old grown up. In reality…this school is so much fun! I wish all the 6th graders good luck on the future.

HPCMS, Angelirene Cuautle, 6th grade, 11 years old - I remember how nervous I was on the first day. I did not know where my homeroom was or any of my other classes! I felt better when they first told us to go to the cafeteria, like they knew half of us didn’t know what we were doing! After that I felt a bit of relief, being with my class, but truthfully I knew no one from my class! The good thing is most people were fine with starting new friendships so I made friends.

Walking from class to class was exciting! Well, maybe it was just exciting for me. Way different from elementary school where you just sit around all day in one class for hours and hours. In the end, I was fine, a little jittery, but I survived so that’s always good. I even have a favorite class, but I am not going to tell you ‘cause I want you to guess!

After a couple of months or so, I still don’t know where the art class is and I sometimes get confused because all the hallways sort of look the same, but I feel like this school is my home and that I have been missing a place like this.

HPCMS, Mark Lazar, 7th grade, 12 years old - My first experience with the school was very interesting, at least to me. My first school was a relatively small school, so HPCMS was only accepting four or five people, and I got in, which is when things started to get interesting.

Like most people (at least I assume) I was scared to go to school, but when I came to the school, I was honestly more confused than anything else. Unlike my old school it was very technology based, and interactive, with a much more different feel, considering my old school wasn't as savvy when it came to interactive learning. Eventually, I got used to the school and the people in it, and now I am a seventh grader with three to four good friends, and I want to wish all the new 6th graders good luck for the school year ahead.