Locker Situation at HPCMS

By Alexa Perez, Nicholas Lentini, Nairi Nakhapetian and Tsheyang Lhamo

Students at their lockers in the afternoon

Long Island City - There’s a locker situation at Hunter’s Point Community Middle School. The students at this school are saying they don't have enough time at their lockers, therefore making their bags too heavy to carry around from class to class. This has been stated in every grade and in most classes. The data that our team collected backs up all of these statements.

Many kids at HPCMS have certain opinions about the lockers. Some say they need more time, others say they think that they have a good amount of time in their lockers, and others don’t know what to say about the situation.

The data from our surveys show that 86% out of the 94 students surveyed feel that their bags are too heavy to carry around all day to different parts of the school. Only 8% of students said their bags weren’t that heavy. This means that the majority of students think that their bags are too heavy.

To add on, 77% of the students who took our survey said that they should get more time at their lockers than they do now, while only 5% of the students said they should get less time.

Faiqa Ali, a 6th grader attending Hunter’s Point, said, “No, we don’t have enough time because during ELA we need a notebook and after math we need two notebooks and a folder. In science we just need paperwork or homework and it is tough carrying around a heavy backpack all day.”

Maica Quinn-Crandall, another 6th grader, added, “I think it would be much more convenient for all the students in the school to have extra time in their lockers.” She went on to explain, “My mom had to massage my back every night because it was very sore…In the first few weeks, I wasn’t used to carrying around so many things.”

The data we collected also shows that most students would prefer an extra period of time for their lockers.

On this topic, Ms. Cameron, one of the 6th grade math teachers stated, “Sometimes students don’t know what to put in their locker and what to take with them to class, like jackets or certain books. Also, students end up asking teachers to go back to the locker if they left things behind. I get what the purpose is but I think it will be more convenient if you had time at your lockers in the middle of the day.”

Our data is important because it shows our school administrators and teachers how the students really feel about the locker situation. With this, the school staff and administration can try to make a change so the school might be an even better one for students.


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