FC Barcelona Win in an Empty Stadium

By Ruan Sherpa and Jose Rios

Barcelona, Spain - On Sunday October 1st, FC Barcelona won its seventh game in a row, playing in an empty stadium with no fans to cheer them on.

The game was played in an empty stadium because the fans were protesting Spain’s government’s attempt to deny the vote for Catalonia to be an independent country.

In the 3-0 match against Las Palmas, Messi scored 2 goals. To add one more, Sergio Busquets scored a header crossed by the genius Lionel Messi. But some players like Gerard Pique said, in a New York Times article, “today was my worst experience as a professional,” as he tried to keep his tears in.

FC Barcelona wanted to play the game on another day, but the league they play in, La Liga, denied their request. They played to avoid losing points but they kept the stadium empty. FC Barcelona’s club president, Josep Bartomeu, said they did this “to show the entire world that we were not pleased with what happened.”

By the end of the day of the match, 844 citizens of Catalonia were injured due to protests that turned violent. Spanish police officers used force to prevent people from going to the polls to vote and 33 officers were injured. This effects the government because now that all these famous teams are protesting, the government has to make a hard decision about the fate of Catalonia.